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New quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian pork


Ensuring traceability

For a long time, and we talked about years, the Iberian sector came asking for a standard of Quality Assurance that would protect the consumer of Iberian hams and shoulders from forgeries and frauds.

Five years ago, this mission was entrusted to the Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig (ASICI) and after an intense analysis of the problem and its solutions, they decided that the best product that met the guarantee, identification and traceability objectives that the Iberian required was incorporate a safety seal in the slaughterhouse. This seal will accompany the Iberian ham throughout its drying and curing process until it reaches the consumer and will be the guarantee of its quality.

For the manufacture of these seals, ASICI chose the company PRECINTIA INTERNATIONAL both for the excellent quality of its products and for the business commitment that the project required.

PRECINTIA has been dedicated to the identification of hams for more than 20 years, which is why it has extensive experience in the market and wide prestige in the sector.

Royal Decree 4/2014, of January 10, which approves the 
quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian pork.

Finally, on January 10, 2014, the project was born when the former Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete and the Vice President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, presented the security seals to the media. from now on they will regulate the quality of the Iberian hams that are produced in the Iberian Peninsula.

This norm identifies the feeding of the animals (acorn, bait), the racial purity of the animal (100% Iberian or Iberian crossbreed) and the place where it has been bred (dehesa or cebadero). The precincts collect this information plus a numbering and barcode that will allow at all times the traceability of the ham or shoulder, protecting the sector and avoiding fraud to the final consumer.

(You can check the complete regulations in the  BOE, Royal Decree of January 10, 2014 )



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